Mar 20, 2011

FIDM Debut 2011

AMAZING.  In 5 years, I'll be the one who is graduating FIDM and having her own debut show. This year I took my schools' fashion club, (I'm founder and president of LQHS fashion club!) and we all had a great time! I can barely wait for next years show. By the way, I'm wearing the white cheetah print maxi dress, it was a blast!


  1. The FIDM Debut fashion show is so much fun! I have friends who graduated from FIDM and they really loved the school! It's amazing to see what the advanced study fashion design students can create when they let their imaginations run wild. That's so great that you're president of your own FIDM Fashion Club at your high school. It will work greatly in your favor when you apply to FIDM once you graduate. Do you have an adviser from the school? You would be smart for you to contact an adviser now and get a head start on the admissions process. Good luck!

  2. awhh thank you so much! yes, I already have an advisor, thanks for all the advice! good karma for you, (: