Nov 13, 2010

Ms. Pioneer

I'm so lucky! Look at this great find, but I must not take credit for finding it. Actually, my mom found it in a goodwill in Texas and brought it to me in California couple weekends ago. She said it only cost $5 and had to get it. luckly for me, its fits so perfectly you would think it was made for me.  On the tag it says, " Ms. Pioneer, A division of pioneer wear. Albuquerque, U.S.AGENUINE LEATHER." so that is that, tell me what do you think of it, cute/ugly/hot/gross? Also, what would you wear this with?

I'm sorry fellow readers,

I've been slacking it horribly! But I'm back & with more, I'm going to start posting more of my style and outfits, so get ready. Also, I started a fashion club at my high school, La Quinta High School Fashion Club, it's going great! what do you think I should do for our first project?