Mar 21, 2013

Le Chein

Saturday, March 16, Le Chein couture dog show at El Paseo Fashion Week. Such a great show, you could really feel the love in the room between the designer dogs and beautiful models. I want to do it all over again, until next year!

Mar 16, 2013

Who's ready?

It's that time of year again, El Paseo Fashion Week! It's the valleys best week of the year (besides coachella fest) and I'm ready for it. Today is Le Chein, a couture dog fashion show. Stay tuned for more!

Mar 8, 2013

Guilty of belonging to guilt!

Okay everyone, if you dot already know about gilt than you should!! Guilt is a website/app and it offers discount deals on women and men designers, travel and hotel and local city deals. It is absolutely fab and its free!