Aug 6, 2015

Where am I going?

I love life. I love money. Being in my last-ish year of college, I find it pressing to figure out how I’m going to make money after college. However I may be going about this all wrong. Maybe I need to figure out what I really really love and pursue doing that. I’ve always thought traveling would be fun but for some reason have felt like it will never really be possible for me because of money, and how my current life is (can’t leave my job, can’t move away from family, can’t afford a plane ticket, etc) but then you hear about all these people who just do it and end up having a really amazing life. So why can’t I? Yes, I have an Instagram, Facebook, and another blog, but this blog is intended for the real me. All of those other sites and profiles are portraying something I want other people to think about me, maybe I’ll just keep it real (much how I do in my actual life) and see where it gets me. No this blog is not a specific blog about fashion, traveling, music, food, love, or anything specific but about all the joys and things I love in my life because I love life and my life comprises of a bunch of different things than just one.