Sep 3, 2011


someone got it right. THIS IS THE BEST FOUNDATION EVER. I live in 1000 degree weather, I'm not even joking. AND this is the only makeup that last all day and never melts off!!

Maybelline SuperStay 24 hour Makeup
There is almost every skin color, never sweats off and it looks natural! What more could a girl want? Well besides shoes, clothes, bags and boys.. (;
If you haven't checked out this product yet, you definately should!
AND it's only $8-$10, not a bad deal.
<3 Lindsey

Thank you everyone!!

Thank you every one for all the support, I am so thankful for each and everyone of my followers. 

Remember when I asked you guys to view the website, Bloggers Wardrobe, through my blog.. Well I made it to the 2nd part of the competiton and I am now competeing against 151 people to get 1 of 4 spots left.
1. Go to Bloggers Wardrobe and like their page, click here
2. Once you like Bloggers Wardobe, go to my photo and like it, click here
 Thank you so so much!! much love and happiness to everyone,