Aug 6, 2015

Where am I going?

I love life. I love money. Being in my last-ish year of college, I find it pressing to figure out how I’m going to make money after college. However I may be going about this all wrong. Maybe I need to figure out what I really really love and pursue doing that. I’ve always thought traveling would be fun but for some reason have felt like it will never really be possible for me because of money, and how my current life is (can’t leave my job, can’t move away from family, can’t afford a plane ticket, etc) but then you hear about all these people who just do it and end up having a really amazing life. So why can’t I? Yes, I have an Instagram, Facebook, and another blog, but this blog is intended for the real me. All of those other sites and profiles are portraying something I want other people to think about me, maybe I’ll just keep it real (much how I do in my actual life) and see where it gets me. No this blog is not a specific blog about fashion, traveling, music, food, love, or anything specific but about all the joys and things I love in my life because I love life and my life comprises of a bunch of different things than just one. 

Jul 29, 2015

Bikini Babe

I've finally sewn my first bikini top made with this grey tie dye fabric and silver lining. I'm absolutely in love and am oh so happy I've finally learned the technique of sewing this top. Now I know what to do better next time and can't wait to see what the next creation will look like! 

Dec 8, 2013

Can you believe this...

I actually made a salad that I like for once...
Somehow I always hate the salads I make but today I love it! I'm trying to incorporate more fresh foods into m lifestyle so this salad is way better then eating chicken strips and fries. I did use frozen chicken breast for it but it was rated A- on fooduecate which means it's pretty good! (Most of the stuff I scan on there are like C's or D's) 
Handful of spinach
Chicken breast
1 tomato
Half of an avocado
Parmesan cheese 
A little Cesar lite dressing

Did anyone say cookie for one?

Okay so finals are right around the corner  and they're kicking my butt! I've been eating horribly due to stress and all I crave is sweets, ugh. So I decided I wanted to eat a cookie but shouldn't go to the store to buy some because I'll end up eating the whole box, eeeeek! So instead of eating a box of cookies I decided to homemake a cookie for one. All you need is common bakery stuff around your house and a microwave, how easy?!?? A little mixing and a little nuking and waaahlaaa! 
Cookie for one in a mug: 
1 tablespoon of white sugar
1 tablespoon of brown sugar 
I tablespoon of butter 
A few drops of vanilla 
1/4 cup of flour 
1 egg ( just use the yolk, not the whites)
Pinch of salt
Chocolate chips

Melt butter in mug your going to use your cookie in, then stir in sugars, salt, vanilla, egg, once all combined add the flour and chocolate chips, microwave for 40 seconds and you have a cookie for one! Now while this isn't the most healthy thing, at least you're only eating one and not 10 haha

Dec 6, 2013

Fresh juice? Yes please!

Today's morning had to start off with a juice, with finals coming up I am really stressed and tend to eat unhealthy when stressed. This delicious juice definitely sets the tone for my day to be happy and healthy! 

A handful of spinach
A few cloves of broccoli
2 stalks of celery
2 apples 

Aug 14, 2013

New Day

Every year around this time I look at my blog which I haven't used in months and decide to magically start up again. Then I promise everyone I will post more often and on a regular basis. I might do that for a week or two and then quit again till next year or have random posts here and there. Well here I am again promising you the same thing and maybe this year will be different... We'll see. I have some new technology and tricks up my sleeve so hopefully it will make it easier for me to post. Wish me the best of luck! xoxo

Mar 21, 2013

Le Chein

Saturday, March 16, Le Chein couture dog show at El Paseo Fashion Week. Such a great show, you could really feel the love in the room between the designer dogs and beautiful models. I want to do it all over again, until next year!

Mar 16, 2013

Who's ready?

It's that time of year again, El Paseo Fashion Week! It's the valleys best week of the year (besides coachella fest) and I'm ready for it. Today is Le Chein, a couture dog fashion show. Stay tuned for more!

Mar 8, 2013

Guilty of belonging to guilt!

Okay everyone, if you dot already know about gilt than you should!! Guilt is a website/app and it offers discount deals on women and men designers, travel and hotel and local city deals. It is absolutely fab and its free!

Jan 1, 2013


I hope everyone had an awesome start to the new year, I've started mine fabulous with my new Juicy earrings! Everyone be safe and lets make this year better then the last!

Dec 29, 2012

Mmmm yummy!

So I bought these beautiful Steve Madden wedges today and I am so in love. While shopping for them I was told Betsy Johnson was in the area but didn't catch her, sad Lindsey. Anyways, I love these so much however a friend told me they look like her couch from the 80's that wads hand-me-down. Not very nice! But then again I don't really care cause I love them! If you want to see more photos of my wardrobe Instagram me @itslibdseybitch
Love you guys and happy new year!

Nov 23, 2012

Black Friday & Coupons!!!

What do you get when you have a beginning coupon-er and Black Friday sales? Awesomeness!!!

Today I shopped at Walgreens which is my favorite place to coupon. I saved 47% on my transaction and bought:
1 Almay intense i-color eyeshadow
1 Carmex lip balm
2 Colgate total advance toothpaste
2 lady speed stick deodorants
2 edge shaving cream
3 arm & hammer laundry detergents
3 Christmas paper gift wrap
1 schick hydro silk razor
1 pack of Schick hydro silk replaceable razor heads

So I bought all this just for $55!!! Can you believe that!? Not only did I save $47 I received 3,350 Walgreens register reward points. (When you get 5,000 register reward points, you get $5.) that's not even the best part! I also received $21 to spend in Walgreens by December 7th. The best thing about my purchase was I got the razor for free! Walgreens had a deal going on that if you spent $30 in schick products you get $10 back, and I had a coupon for buying 1 four pack of replaceable razor heads, get 1 schick razor free! Can't go wrong with that!

Well I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and happy shopping!

Mar 18, 2012

I really want to make a dress with a heart cut out.. send me photos if you have done anything like it!

Sep 3, 2011


someone got it right. THIS IS THE BEST FOUNDATION EVER. I live in 1000 degree weather, I'm not even joking. AND this is the only makeup that last all day and never melts off!!

Maybelline SuperStay 24 hour Makeup
There is almost every skin color, never sweats off and it looks natural! What more could a girl want? Well besides shoes, clothes, bags and boys.. (;
If you haven't checked out this product yet, you definately should!
AND it's only $8-$10, not a bad deal.
<3 Lindsey

Thank you everyone!!

Thank you every one for all the support, I am so thankful for each and everyone of my followers. 

Remember when I asked you guys to view the website, Bloggers Wardrobe, through my blog.. Well I made it to the 2nd part of the competiton and I am now competeing against 151 people to get 1 of 4 spots left.
1. Go to Bloggers Wardrobe and like their page, click here
2. Once you like Bloggers Wardobe, go to my photo and like it, click here
 Thank you so so much!! much love and happiness to everyone,

Aug 7, 2011

The new "IT" website for top bloggers

I believe I belong on because I have the aspiration to write reviews for products and let my readers know whats in and out, what products work and don't work. I want people to hear honest opinions and this is a chance of a lifetime and I would love the opportunity. So everyone, click on the link and check out the website!

Aug 1, 2011

We're floating in space

So everyone adores the space factory wedges,
And they also make other cool stuff too, such as, hats, converse, shirts and even skirts now! If you want to check out their other items you can go to!/media/albums/?id=166127333448856
They are all hand painted beautiful pieces of fashion and I found this DIY to make your own tshirt, but I'm sure you can apply this to shoes or anything you want; be creative!

Jul 28, 2011

So I'm making a super hero cape for the theme night at cheer camp and it's going to be a black cape with pink superman simple (except we're doing superWOMAN!) ;) wish me luck!

Jul 21, 2011

So I sat next to these 5 girls that I didn't know at the Harry Potter premiere and they were balling and sobbing their eyes out and the movie was just starting, I couldn't help  but giggle at them and then I came across this photo and it fits them exactly! ahah